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On-Location Beauty Services

Why you should hire an on-location hair and make-up team for your wedding.

Let's be real when it comes to planning your wedding. Even if you have the most beautiful venue, the most gorgeous flowers, and the coolest band playing all the right music, you know in the forefront of your mind that all eyes will be on you that day. You’ve hired professionals in every other aspect of your wedding, now it’s time to hire an on-location hair and make-up styling team. So, put down your 5 year old foundation you dug out of your makeup bag and get ready to sit back and be pampered on your wedding day!

Why Hire On-Location?

On-location means the artists come to you! How nice is that? Why travel to a salon when you could have a team show up at your doorstep? Especially when you are trying to coordinate a whole bridal party. How easy would the morning of your wedding be if a styling team showed up at your hotel room with all your bridesmaids? If all I had to do is roll out of bed, brush my teeth and answer a door to a stylist to look beautiful, sign me up! It's as simple as that! Also, and most importantly, you’ve booked this team. You’ve booked them for a big chunk of time and there are no other clients walking through the door waiting to get their hair or make-up done. They are there for you and your bridal party only. Now, let's break down more of the why you should hire a team.

Hire A Make-up Artist

Whether you are the kind of gal who wears a full-face of make-up everyday or only wears lip balm, you’ll want to hire a professional make-up artist. Especially those who specialize in weddings. Now, just because your cousin is good at doing over the top make-up looks with neon yellow eye shadow, doesn’t mean that’s what you want on your wedding day. You want an artist that knows their products and which ones will last throughout the day. There are a lot of brands out there that are wonderful, but what you may not know is that certain brands will look better in photos than others. An artist will have those products that make you glow on your wedding day and will show up well in your professional photos. A make-up artist can also help address skin concerns with you. If you have oily, dry, combination or normal skin, they can address what can be done with your skincare regime to best align with the products they use on you.

Hire A Hairstylist

If your profession isn’t a hair stylist, you might want to think twice on trying to style your own hair for your wedding. You may think watching a YouTube video or following a how-to Pinterest picture would be simple, but you would most likely regret it. The outcome could be cursing and throwing your laptop out the window after the 15th try and sitting in a sea of bobby pins and tears. Again, please heed my warning that just because your cousin can curl hair doesn’t mean she’s Vidal Sassoon. This is the one time in your life you get to look like a bride, because well, you are the bride! Hiring a professional hairstylist should be on top of your priority list when planning your wedding. They know hair! They will know right away by the texture of your hair on how it will hold a curl, the products to use, and how to perfectly place accessories around your beautifully structured hair. Also, it’s knowing how to secure all the pieces so that your hair holds up and stays pinned as it should all day.

Stylist at your fingertips

Now more than ever, it has become easy to find on-location stylists through mediums like Instagram, Facebook, ect. I love these forums because you can see the artist’s work that you want to hire. You can even direct message them and ask questions that you’ll get answers to pretty quickly! You’ll also be able to actually talk to both the hairstylist and make-up directly to have a personal one-on-one relationship surrounding your look and any questions and concerns you have.

Which brings me to the topic of setting up a trial with your beauty stylists! This is so important to do when planning. Having a trial will alleviate any uncertainty when it comes to the style and overall look you are wanting on your big day. Having a plan of action with pictures and prepping will make a huge difference than going in blind on what you are wanting for your wedding. A trial will give you an idea of what works best for you. You might think a certain hairstyle or make-up look will work for you from photos you found, but having a trial could totally change your mind if it’s not looking the way you thought. Perhaps instead of an up-do, you and your stylist think styling your hair half up looks better with your face shape. Or the mauve tones look better on your skin than gray eye shadow. Not to mention, knowing your hair and skin type will be important information your stylist needs to see first hand and up close to properly execute their work.

Feel Like A Celebrity

Overall, on the actual day of your wedding when you are with your bridal party, you are going to be having one of the best and exciting mornings of your life! You’ll be munching on some yummy finger foods, sipping delicious mimosas, and playing fun music while you laugh and reminisce with your best friends and family. When you add in an on-location wedding team to style you and your girls, it’ll add to the overall magic of your day! To see all your girls and yourself transform, and then put on your gowns, you will all feel like celebrities ready for the big event!

I hope now that if you were planning on having a do it yourself type of day for your wedding, that you’ve changed your mind. I hope you see that you deserve to be pampered on your day by having professionals style you up! Your wedding day will be a beautiful experience and one to remember! So, let it be fun, let it be full of ease, and let it be styled by professionals.

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