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All About Airbrush

As a makeup artist who provides airbrush services for brides and bridal parties, let me tell you how many times I see eyes light up when I offer that option. It's borderline excitement! As if I'm telling them I'm going to give them a celebrity treatment! I really love that reaction, but not as much as I love the final result and how happy my clients are when I'm done. If you've never had airbrush makeup done, let me count the ways as to why you should!

Number One

You'll feel pampered. Not that any other type of makeup service doesn't give you that feeling, because it does. However, if you are use to using liquid or mineral foundation in your day-to-day routine, it might not give you that extra, "this is something I don't do everyday" kind of feel. The cool air of the gun also gives you a calming feeling as the makeup breezes across your face. Many clients have opened their eyes after I was finished and said how they felt like they could fall asleep. So, if that doesn't help calm those wedding day jitters, I suggest having a nice glass of champagne instead!

Number Two

Airbrush is another word for flawless. And flawless is another word for filtered. Basically, airbrush makeup will have you closing your SnapChat app with the "flawless filter" when taking a selfie because, ladies, you won't need it. Here is just one example below of one of my clients. And, no, this photo is not retouched. Say this with me, "FLAW-LESS". I'll let this photo do the rest of the talking.

Number Three

The majority of airbrush makeup brands are waterproof. My favorite brand of airbrush makeup is by TEMPTU. You can check them out, and even purchase your own by clicking on the link. One thing my clients always worry about is the longevity of their makeup, which is respectful question to ask. I say that because normally the makeup is being applied early in the day so it needs to last a while. And typically, weddings are in the Summer so your hot and sometimes sweaty and makeup can run. Also, who knows, you might get crazy and jump in the hotel pool at the end of the night. I'm not here to judge. But, I do tell clients that they could jump in a pool and their foundation would stay put. Don't let that worry you though about getting it off. Simple cleansers and exfoliants will be just fine to remove it at the end of the day.

Number Four

It gives the appearance of skin and not makeup. If you are not a fan of foundation and you think that it gives you a "cakey" look, you'll want to find a makeup artist that provides airbrush services. Now, a lot of foundations out there look just as natural I can contest to that, but I have a special place in my heart for airbrush when it comes to a natural look on a wedding day. I may be biased, but you be the judge from yet another client I did in this picture below.

Number Five

Lastly, it's photo ready perfection. As a bride, not only do you and your bridal squad to look stunning in person, but you want to get blown up with likes when you post your pictures on social media, right? I love TEMPTU because it takes a good picture, especially with the professional cameras your photographers use. My biggest reason calling it "photo ready" is because you want to avoid foundations that cause what is known as "flash back" where your makeup causes your face to look lighter and washed out. It's not the best look when your face is a different shade than the rest of your body. Not to mention, all that time sitting in the makeup chair to look your best will be for nothing when the photos develop and your white as a ghost.

I hope my count down helped you feel convinced to join the airbrush side. If you are interested in purchasing your own airbrush kit, let me tell you that you'll need to practice. I'll be the first to say I was instantly frustrated with my first go around, but I finally perfected it. My quick tips would be to first start with you choice of concealer, then go in with the airbrush holding it 5 inches away from your face moving it slowly in circular motions. Once applied, use a slightly damp beauty blender to press into the skin. That's really it! If you are ever interested in courses on how to use Temptu airbrush, please feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to schedule something!

Much love and beauty,


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